Why Boruto’s Generation Needs to Beat Kara, Not Naruto’s

While the  most recent chapters of the Naruto sequel manga, Boruto, have focused on the return and transformation of Jigen’s Kara under a younger, and more potent management, fans should neither forget nor ignore Konoha Village’s own next generation of young shinobi, such as Team 7‘s Sarada and Mitsuki. Although they are in the process of learning to be … Read more

James Cleverly: early Truss backer charts rapid rise to foreign secretary | James Cleverly

James Cleverly becomes foreign secretary after nearly two years as a junior minister in the department and a few weeks as education secretary, with the challenge of working for a new prime minister who wants to drive foreign policy personally. The 53-year-old was an early backer of Liz Truss, on board ahead of the first … Read more

China agrees to pay for Russian gas in roubles and yuan: Gazprom | Russia-Ukraine war News

Russia is pushing to reduce reliance on the US dollar and boost economic ties with China amid Western sanctions. Russia’s energy giant Gazprom says it has signed an agreement with China to start payments for gas supplies to China in yuan and roubles instead of US dollars, in a sign of warming relations between Beijing … Read more

That’s breathtaking! Meet the woman who sniffed out her husband’s Parkinson’s

That’s breathtaking! Meet the woman who sniffed out her husband’s Parkinson’s… and now experts have created first ever test based on odour that alerted her Joy Milne sniffed Parkinson’s in her husband 12 years before he was diagnosed  Her incredible nose has been a major asset to scientists, as a ‘super-smeller’ She can diagnose strangers … Read more

Kylian Mbappe helps PSG beat Juventus and Jude Bellingham scores for Dortmund – Champions League round-up | Football News

Kylian Mbappe struck twice as Paris Saint-Germain launched their latest quest for Champions League glory with a 2-1 victory over Juventus. The France international took just five minutes to put his side in front after running on to Neymar’s through-ball and he doubled his tally with just 22 minutes gone. Half-time substitute Weston McKennie reduced … Read more

“Unfinished Business” – Why Gilbert & Grossman Returned To Monkey Island

Image: Devolver Digital / Disney Does Guybrush Threepwood still want to be a pirate? This, after all, was the Monkey Island protagonist’s very first proclamation 32 years ago: “My name is Guybrush Threepwood, and I want to be a pirate!” But given the fact that he’s only set sail in five previous Monkey Island adventures … Read more

Undertale successor Deltarune won’t get a new chapter in 2022

When Undertale creator Toby Fox released the second chapter of Deltarune last year, it arrived roughly a year behind schedule. That’s fine though, because it was reportedly very good, though if you’ve been waiting with decreasing patience for further instalments, I’m sad to report that none will arrive during 2022. “We won’t be able to … Read more

The series’ best game in 15 years

SD Gundam Battle Alliance feels like smashing all your Gundam action figures together while making explosion noises with your mouth. Except it’s a video game with an absolutely ridiculous story, one that mirrors Kingdom Hearts in sheer cosmic complexity. Gundam has a long and storied history in video games, but most of the franchise’s recent … Read more

Logitech’s Upgraded G502 X Mice Improve on Speed and Accuracy – Review Geek

Logitech Logitech’s fantastic G502 gaming mouse just got a triple-decker upgrade. Starting August 30th, Logitech offers a new G502 X lineup with three gaming mice—one wired option, another that’s wireless, and a premium wireless model with RGB lighting. All three mice in the G502 X series reuse the iconic G502 design, including an adjustable DPI … Read more