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A baggage handler has revealed that some types of suitcases are more likely to be “tossed” when being loaded onto an aeroplane. Ramp agent Rachel Bacha, who posts to her viral TikTok account under the username @rachel.bacha, said the key to your luggage not being thrown into the cargo is by having more wheels.

She shared the insight as part of her series “Everything you need to know about a suitcase coming from a luggage hander”.

Rachel said: “Any time you are purchasing a suitcase get a bag with four wheels for a couple of different reasons.”

The first is to ensure your bag arrives at its destination safely, without having been forcefully moved along the cargo hold.

Wheels can make the process of loading a bag far easier for the baggage handlers who are often working to a very strict deadline.

Rachel explained: “There are people loading your bags on the planes and some of the planes have really long cargo bins, and at some airports, they don’t have a machine that takes all of the bags up into the bin to you.

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“So there are two people, one throwing the bag and one stacking the bag.

“I hesitate to use the word throw but that is what it is called, we throw bags. Some of these aeroplanes have bins that are 20 feet long.

“Your bag has to start from here and go all the way back there…and the way it gets there is by being rolled, slid or tossed.

“What I’m saying is that if your bag has four wheels it is going to get rolled and if your bag had two wheels it’s going to get tossed.”

The baggage handler explained: “[When] you are travelling and you get to the ticket counter and you’ve got so many things, you’ve got to get your boarding pass out and your ID out, a four-wheel bag is going to stand on its own.

“Moral of the story, a four-wheel bag is going to protect your bag and it’s easier and it’s more convenient.”

Rachel recommends opting for a hard shell case, rather than a soft suitcase, as this will protect the items within.

Passengers are also advised to be careful about the types of luggage items they pack, as certain fragile cargo could be damaged during transit if not adequately protected.

Any delicate or fragile items should be wrapped in packing material or your clothes to add an extra layer of support.

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