Best Anime Stepmoms

Among the numerous character types in anime, one character that tends to be recognized a lot is the kind and caring mother. Whether they are blood-related to their family or not, these mothers are best known for their never-ending love and support for their families, something they are more than willing to express.

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For the most part, the majority of mothers that are the most iconic in anime have been biological mothers. However, as of late, there has been a notable appearance of stepmothers that are just as loving as their counterparts. With these stepmothers around, it’s safe to say that their families are in good hands!


7 Belle-mere (One Piece)

Belle-mere from One Piece is one of the first names to be mentioned when the best stepmothers (or best mothers in general) are brought up. A former marine, she rescued the young Nojiko and Nami from a war-torn land and proceeded to raise them as her own daughters.

Though she and Nami often clashed due to the latter being naive of her adoptive status, Belle-mere was nonetheless supportive of Nami’s dream and worked hard to provide the bare necessities for her and Nojiko, even at her own expense. Upon being forced to choose between saving herself or her daughters when confronted by Arlong, Belle-mere ultimately chose to save her daughters and paid the ultimate price for it.

6 Grandeneey (Fairy Tail)

Not all mothers have to be human to love their families, and no one proves this point better than the Sky Dragon Grandeeney. One of many dragons to exist 400 years prior to the main story, Grandeeney was the one responsible for teaching Wendy how to read and write in addition to her signature magic.

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Along with four other dragons, Grandeeney implanted her soul into Wendy’s body in order to prevent Wendy from ever turning into a dragon and lie in wait for a chance to defeat Acnologia once and for all. Upon being briefly reunited with Wendy after the battle against Tartarus, Grandeeney wasted no time praising her growth and professed her love for her foster daughter.

5 Mito Freecss (Hunter x Hunter)

Due to Gon’s father choosing the path of a Hunter, Mito eventually took custody of Gon and raised him in his parents’ stead. However, she was not supportive of Gon’s wish to become a Hunter, not wanting Gon to end up as reckless as his father.

As Gon continues his path to becoming a Hunter, Mito finally admits to him the reason why she took him under her wing, clearly ashamed of having lied to him. When Gon returns to Whale Island, however, Mito expresses happiness at Gon’s friendship with Killua and decides to tell Gon more about his father.

4 Michiko Malandro (Michiko and Hatchin)

Having grown up in a volatile environment, Michiko was thrust into a leadership position at a young age, having looked after the other children in her orphanage alongside her friend Atsuko. Despite this maturity, however, she can be quite childish, throwing the occasional fit when things don’t go her way.

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After rescuing Hana from her abusive adoptive family, the two of them embark on an adventure, with Michiko caring for Hana as she would her own daughter. Though their contrasting personalities lead to Michiko and Hana butting heads at times, the two of them form a mutual dependency on one another that lasts even when they are separated due to Michiko’s imprisonment.

3 Haruko Kamio (Air)

The aunt of Misuzu Kamio, Haruko is tasked with taking care of her niece after the death of her mother. Because of these circumstances, Haruko initially finds it inconvenient for Misuzu to be in her care and actively avoids getting attached to her.

However, after three days had passed, Haruko ultimately grew to love Misuzu, a sentiment that was reciprocated when Misuzu started calling her “mama” instead of her “aunty.” From then on, Haruko continues to act as a motherly figure toward Misuzu, becoming overly protective of Misuzu when someone gets close to her.

2 Yor Forger (Spy x Family)

Like Grandeeney, Yor Forger may be one of the more unique stepmothers on this list. A contract killer from Garden known by the moniker Thorn Princess, one would initially think that someone whose trade involves assassination is not fit to raise a child.

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But as it turns out, Yor deeply cares about her stepdaughter Anya and is quick to fly into a rage in order to defend her. While a recurring gag in Spy x Family revolves around Yor using murder to solve problems, she earnestly strives to make life better for Anya by performing normal tasks, such as cooking, for her sake.

1 Maquia (Maquia: When The Promised Flower Blooms)

A member of the Iorph race, Maquia grew up being deterred from forming attachments to others, as her status as an immortal would cause her to outlive her friends and loved ones. Upon meeting the infant Ariel, however, Maquia wastes no time in saving him from death and taking the boy as her adoptive son.

As time passes, a rift forms between Maquia and Ariel due to the former’s longevity, something which Maquia constantly angsts over. Despite their ever-growing age difference, Maquia still takes solace in Ariel’s growth and manages to find happiness in having grown to love him long after he passes away.

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