Best PC Settings for Modern Warfare 2: Boost FPS, Visibility, and Performance


The Modern Warfare 2 beta has launched on PC and the full release of the game is only a month away. To get the most out of Modern Warfare 2 on PC, you’re going to want the best settings available. Here are the best PC settings for Modern Warfare 2.

Best PC Settings for Modern Warfare 2

The first thing you’ll want to do is make sure your Windows is up to date. To do that, press the start button on the bottom left and type Settings. In the Settings window, press Update and Security. Press Check for Update and if it is up to date, you’re good to go.

After everything is up to date, head back to the Settings window and press Privacy. Press the Background Apps tab and switch it to Off. You don’t need apps running in the background and with this off, you’ll get better performance in Modern Warfare 2.

Next, go to the start button and type Device Manager. With the Device Manager window open, click on Display Adapters, right-click on your graphics card, and press Update Drivers.

With that done, right-click on your desktop and click NVIDIA Control Panel. Click the Adjust Image Settings with Preview tab and select “Use the advanced 3D image settings.” Next, go to Manage 3D Settings and select all of the following settings in the Global Settings section:

  • OpenGL rendering GPU – Your graphics card
  • Power management mode – Prefer maximum performance
  • Texture filtering – Quality – Quality
  • Triple Buffering – Off
  • Virtual Reality pre-rendered frames – 1
  • Virtual Reality – Variable Rate – Off

While still in the NVIDIA Control Panel, go to the Configure Surround, PhysX tab and select your graphics card under the Processor drop-down. With everything done, press Apply at the bottom right corner.

Best PC Game Settings for Modern Warfare 2

With all of the preliminary PC settings set, launch into Modern Warfare 2. Open the Settings and make sure the Display Adapter is your graphics card, the Screen Refresh Rate is 60, and the Resolution is 1920×1080. All of these settings will allow the best performance, frame rates, and graphics quality in Modern Warfare 2.

You can also enable AMD FidelityFX CAS and 120hz to enable the absolute best image quality in Modern Warfare 2. Change your FOV to 120 and turn off the Film Grain. With all of these graphical improvements, you’ll have a cleaner and crisper Modern Warfare 2 experience.

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is set to be released on October 28, 2022, for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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