10 Most Frustrating Josei Anime To Watch (& Why)

Josei anime can be hard to commit to. As one of the more underrated anime categories, josei contains enough angst to disillusion even the most optimistic of souls. Being the adult counterpart to shojo, josei anime characteristically serves drama and romance with a heavy dose of reality. The brutal reality checks can be frustrating, but … Read more

Naruto Debates Kawaki’s Future After Boruto’s Huge Death

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations made a very important decision regarding Kawaki’s future following his role in the series’ biggest death to date! The manga has reached the climactic finale of its Code focused arc as previous chapters of the series had seen Boruto and Kawaki struggle against the former Kara member. But rather than Code … Read more

20 Anime To Watch If You Love Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball Z is one of the most iconic anime of all time. There’s no shortage of reasons why fans all over the world have bonded over this classic series, and the protagonist, Son Goku, is practically the face of shonen anime. Its incredible fight scenes inspired an entire generation of anime lovers to attempt … Read more

The Best One Piece Crossovers

Eiichiro Oda’s little pirate manga has gone on to become one of Shonen Jump’s biggest franchises, if not THE biggest one. The Western response to One Piece was cooler than in its native Japan, but Monkey D.Luffy and his crew are still a familiar sight. It’s hard for an anime/manga fan to be into their … Read more

Kakuriyo’s Aoi & Odanna Are Among Anime’s Healthiest Romances

Many shojo aficionados turn to Fruits Basket, Kamisama Kiss or Kimi ni Todoke for their romance fix, as these anime tug at viewers’ heartstrings with their adorable love stories and fluffy relationships. While these series are certainly worthy of their reputation, fans can find yet another beautiful romance in an often overlooked series. While their … Read more

Why the appearance of Asta’s father is crucial for the plot

One of the most exciting issues of Black Clover in recent history was released last week, ending with an ominous cliffhanger for our protagonist Asta. The chapter’s final panels saw the young hero unconscious on the shores of an unfamiliar beach and a silhouetted figure approaching him. Many Black Clover fans theorize the land to … Read more

Naruto Reveals Synopsis for Sasuke Retsuden Spin-Off Manga

Naruto is keeping the Hidden Leaf Village’s spark alive in 2022 even after all this time. While shows like Boruto: Naruto Next Generations continue the mainline series, spin-off projects are in the works behind the scene to keep fans busy. Even some old-school stores are making a comeback as Naruto is bringing more of its … Read more

Netflix Announces Yasuke Live-Action Adaptation

Netflix is no stranger to live-action anime adaptations, with Cowboy Bebop arriving last year and the streaming service looking to unveil new takes on classic anime franchises including One Piece and Yu Yu Hakusho. Now, the platform is looking to bring an anime original from its library to life via an upcoming live-action television series … Read more