Vegetarians are twice as likely to be depressed: study

Could a burger a day keep the depression away? A new study published by the Journal of Affective Disorders found that beef was the only food linked to a lower risk of depression. Researchers wanted to look into the association between vegetarianism and depression among adults. They asked 14,216 people in Brazil between the ages … Read more

A new drug seeks ‘true revenge’ on COVID by turning the virus against itself

A neurologist at a prestigious U.S. research institute has developed an experimental COVID treatment he calls “true revenge” that weaponizes the virus against itself. The treatment, dubbed NMT5, was created by Scripps Research Institute’s Neurodegeneration New Medicines Center founding director Dr. Stuart Lipton and a team of scientists. It’s a derivative of memantine, an Alzheimer’s … Read more

Bird flu in Norfolk worst outbreak so far

Published: 6:00 AM October 4, 2022 Norfolk is in the eye of the storm as the worst-ever avian flu epidemic decimates wild birds and poultry. Hundreds of thousands of chickens, geese and turkeys have had to be slaughtered following outbreaks on farms across the county, where a control zone has been declared. Now the RSPB … Read more

Rates of little-known super-STI ‘that causes infertility’ have spiralled 60-FOLD within last decade

Rates of a super-STI which can cause infertility in women have soared 60-fold over the last decade, official figures revealed today. More than 5,000 cases of mycoplasma genitalium — which is becoming resistant to drugs — were logged in England in 2021.  By comparison, just 79 cases of MG were recorded when experts first proved … Read more

Health news: Mum mistook fast growing cancer for long Covid until she had shower | UK | News

A mum who was convinced she was suffering from long Covid was shocked to discover her symptoms were actually a sign of breast cancer. Ann Gilbert, from Walton, Liverpool, began feeling “washed out” after contracting Covid 19 in 2021. The RAF veteran, aged 49, had been suffering from “weird” symptoms ever since the diagnosis. Her … Read more

Impotence drugs that may kill off cancer cells could boost survival rates

Drugs routinely used to treat erectile dysfunction could boost survival rates in people with certain cancers by making their treatment more effective. Researchers at Southampton University have found that drugs called phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5) inhibitors, which include Viagra, can potentially improve how well patients with oesophageal cancer respond to chemotherapy. The hope is it … Read more