‘Waiting for men to spot prostate cancer symptoms is failing one in three’

There are many different types of prostate cancer. Around 30 per cent of these cancers are indolent, meaning they would cause little or no problem if left untreated, while many are curable with radiotherapy or surgery. However, as Johann de Bono, professor of experimental cancer medicine at the Institute of Cancer Research in London explains, … Read more

Three easy ways to cut calories without dieting

With 64 per cent of British adults overweight or obese, it’s safe to say we are a nation of overeaters. The latest government data shows that, on average, adults consume 200-300 calories more than the recommended amount per day (2,500 for a man, 2,000 for a woman).  So, if your waistband is feeling a little … Read more

The seven signs you’re at stress breaking point – and how to tackle it

Just listening to the news about the cost of living crisis has set our stress levels soaring. The daily doom of soaring inflation, interest rate hikes and skyrocketing fuel prices is enough to keep anyone awake at night. “The financial strain experienced across the UK will increase the risk of mental health problems,” warns Mark … Read more

Eat a big breakfast to lose weight

Having a big breakfast may help weight loss because it reduces hunger pangs for the rest of the day – not because we burn more calories by eating in the morning, a study suggests. The relative benefits of a hearty breakfast and lighter dinner compared to a light breakfast and hefty evening meal have long … Read more

Healthy eating: Nutrients women not eating enough of

How much you need daily: 750mcg for adult women. Foods rich in it: Poultry, eggs, mackerel, fruits like mango, papaya and watermelon, as well as vegetables such as tomatoes, red capsicum and carrots, and cornflakes. A 100g serving of chicken contains 50mcg of vitamin A, 100g of duck will give you 69mcg, 100g of cornflakes … Read more

Diabetes: Treatment for high blood sugar may include dragon fruit

There have been relentless warnings from the scientific community over the continuous increase in diabetes cases. Many people at risk of the condition depend on medical drugs to control their blood glucose, but some dietary sources offer comparable effects. According to one study, the addition of dragon fruit to the diet may significantly reduce blood pressure. … Read more

Weekly obesity jab halves the risk of diabetes and can spark sufficient weight loss

Weekly obesity jab halves the risk of diabetes and can spark sufficient weight loss to treat range of issues, research suggests Overweight and obese participants saw odds of developing type 2 diabetes half  Patients will be able to self-inject with semaglutide which supresses appetite  The drug has been approved for use in England after it … Read more

Mystery of why air pollution causes cancer is ‘solved’ in major breakthrough offering hope for treatment

THE mystery behind how air pollution causes cancer has finally been solved by scientists – who said that the findings mark a “new era” in cancer research. The breakthrough is said to explain why so many non-smokers still develop lung cancer. 1 A scientific breakthrough has explained why air pollution causes cancerCredit: Getty Researchers at … Read more

Discover 4 Incredibly Simple Ways to Increase Bone Density

Bone density becomes increasingly important as we age.  For some, bones become so brittle that a fall can lead to a fracture.  The challenge, of course, lies in figuring out how to maintain healthy bone density. A good bone density is easier to maintain when you consume foods rich in vitamin C and calcium.  Healthy foods … Read more