Hubble telescope captures stunning star formation in stellar nursery that’s 200,000 light-years away

Hubble telescope captures stunning spiraling star formation in a stellar nursery that’s 200,000 light-years from Earth – giving us a peak into the early universe NASA’s Hubble telescope snapped a beautiful image of spiraling star formation at the center of a stellar nursery  The young stars are located in NGC 346, which is a satellite … Read more

Could more of Earth’s surface host life? Jupiter’s orbit shape plays key, overlooked role on Earth

Visual examples of orbital eccentricity. Credit: Phoenix7777/Public Domain Of all known planets, Earth is as friendly to life as any planet could possibly be—or is it? If Jupiter’s orbit changes, a new study shows Earth could be more hospitable than it is today. When a planet has a perfectly circular orbit around its star, the … Read more

Theoretical physicists argue that black holes admit vortex structures

Sketch of a black hole endowed with multiple vortices. Colors denote the orientation, with the associated trapped magnetic field lines in black. Credit: Dvali et al. Black holes are astronomical objects with extremely strong gravitational pulls from which not even light can escape. While the idea of bodies that would trap light has been around … Read more

Sun’s Chromosphere Revealed in Stunning Inaugural Images From World’s Most Powerful Solar Telescope

One of the first images of the chromosphere – the area of the Sun’s atmosphere above the surface – taken with the Daniel K. Inouye Solar Telescope. Credit: National Solar Observatory (NSO), AURA, NSF NSF’s flagship solar telescope, the largest in the world, to herald a new era of solar science. New observations released in … Read more

Researchers Discover a Gene That Makes Your Muscles Significantly Stronger

The discovery opens the door to the creation of therapeutic therapies that mirror some of the benefits of exercise. The study found that the gene promotes muscle strength during exercise. Researchers have discovered a gene that increases muscle strength when activated by exercise, opening the door to the creation of therapeutic treatments that replicate some … Read more

Doomsday glacier “hanging on by its fingernails” scientist says

Good news, everyone. According to Rob Larter, marine geophysicist at the British Antarctic Survey, Thwaites Glacier in West Antarctica, nicknamed the “Doomsday” glacier because of its potential catastrophic impact on global sea levels, is experiencing “rapid retreat.” “We should expect to see big changes over small timescales in the future—even from one year to the … Read more

SpaceX Starship prototype ignites six engines, starts major brush fire

SpaceX has successfully ignited all six engines on its latest Starship prototype, taking a significant step towards ensuring that the upper stage will be ready for the rocket’s first orbital launch attempt. Unfortunately, the same successful static fire of a Starship upper stage – potentially producing almost twice as much thrust as the booster of … Read more