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How to install your roof

There are many advantages to opting for an asphalt shingle roof. The two main ones are that it is resistant and that it is durable. But, you should also know that it brings a decorative touch to the house. And don’t forget that this is the easiest roof covering to install.

Despite the simplicity of installation, you will need a good guide on how to install asphalt shingles. Because there are a few subtleties to take into account. And don’t forget the safety rules. Then consult our guide, below, to discover the different stages.

How to prepare well?
Before you get on the roof, make sure you bring the right equipment. It is important to check if you have all the tools necessary to carry out the work.

You will need a hammer, tape measure, chalk line, knife, square, shears, shovel, caulking gun, serrated trowel, roofing nails, asphalt plastic cement, shingles.

After gathering all the tools, think about your safety. Since this is work at height, take all the precautions to avoid an accident: safety harness, protective equipment (boots, glasses, gloves).

And remember that if the roof is sloping, the risks will be even greater. If you feel dizzy, prefer to entrust the installation of asphalt shingles to professionals.

The steps for installing asphalt shingles
For the installation of asphalt shingles, there are several steps to follow:

First, install the eaves membranes.
Then take care of the underlayers, starting at the bottom and gradually placing them all over the surface. For fixing, use roofing nails or staples.
Then put the metal valleys.
It is only after that that you can lay out the starting shingles. Always start at the bottom left corner and move towards the valley. Of course, shingles can vary depending on the type of shingle. This is why the manufacturer’s instructions should always be taken into account.
Continue with the other rows starting with an entire shingle. Once you have placed all the rows, cover the open valleys. All you have to do is lay the wall flashings, seal the chimney and the vent columns if there are any.
Finally, cover the hipbones.
As you can see, it is quite easy to install asphalt shingles. However, we advise you to call on a professional roofer for impeccable work.

In fact, improper installation could cause irreversible damage to the roof. For the installation of asphalt shingles, the team at. Contact our roofers by calling or filling out the form on our site. We will respond as soon as possible.