No Man Sky’s 4.0 Update Will Be “Fully Focused” On The Nintendo Switch Launch

Image: Hello Games One of the many titles coming to the Nintendo Switch next month is the ambitious space epic No Man’s Sky. The release of the game lines up with the 4.0 update, and if you’re wondering what else might be included, it seems the Switch version is “the focus” of this next game … Read more

Meet Cute (2022) Ending Explained

Meet Cute Plot Synopsis Meet Cute is available to stream now on Peacock. The time travel romance story stars Kaley Cuoco and Pete Davidson as Sheila and Gary, two people who relive the same night repeatedly but with only the former having any memory of it. It is her ploy to find the perfect man … Read more

Week in review: Revolut data breach, ManageEngine RCE flaw, free Linux security training courses

GTA 6 in-development footage leakedAmerican video game publisher Rockstar Games has suffered an unfortunate data leak: someone has released online in-development footage/videos for Grand Theft Auto (GTA) 6, the eagerly anticipated instalment of the popular game. Uber says Lapsus$ gang is behind the recent breachUber has confirmed that the recent breach of its systems started … Read more

Spider-Man Modder Adds First-Person Mode (But You Can’t Play It Yet)

A prominent Spider-Man modder has worked on an experimental first-person mode for the game, showing off web-swinging from the (slightly nausea-inducing) perspective. YouTube user jedijosh920 first released gameplay of the mod with a fixed camera perspective, meaning the first-person view is steady as Spider-Man swings around New York. This version is probably more comfortable to … Read more

There Is No Light Review in 3 Minutes: Entrancing World, Weird Combat

There Is No Light is a hack-and-slash action adventure game from Zelart and publisher HypeTrain Digital set in a bleak subterranean world. Humanity has been forced underground by monsters on the surface; at least, that’s what the church says. Those who defy the church are either executed or banished to abandoned tunnel systems few ever … Read more