Iranian schoolgirls give clerical leaders the finger as they join uprising against the regime

Iranian youngsters are removing their hijabs and giving portraits of their clerical leaders in classrooms the middle finger as a massive uprising against the regime in Tehran spreads to schools. Video footage posted online this week showed schoolgirls making the gesture and turning portraits of Iran’s leaders to face against the wall in classrooms. As … Read more

Ukraine frees thousands of people from occupation as Russian frontline collapses

Kirill Stremousov, the Moscow-appointed deputy head of the Kherson region, told residents there was “no reason to panic”. “Our artillery and fighter jets are hitting enemy forces that enter the sovereign territory of Russia,” he said. “Yes, you can hear explosions at a distance, but they’re infrequent.” The Russian ministry of defence claimed in an … Read more

Wax worm saliva rapidly breaks down plastic bags, scientists discover | Plastics

Enzymes that rapidly break down plastic bags have been discovered in the saliva of wax worms, which are moth larvae that infest beehives. The enzymes are the first reported to break down polyethylene within hours at room temperature and could lead to cost-effective ways of recycling the plastic. The discovery came after one scientist, an … Read more

Trading in Twitter shares halted as Elon Musk ‘plans to buy social media company for original offer price’ | Business News

Trading in Twitter shares was halted as the stock spiked following reports that Elon Musk is planning to buy the company for his original offer price. The world’s richest man is proposing to go ahead with purchasing the social media giant for $54.20 per share, a total value of $44bn (£38.4bn), following months of legal … Read more

‘What was it all for?’: recaptured Lyman left shattered by Russian occupation | Ukraine

In the shattered streets of Lyman, a Ukrainian city that has lived through the Russian invasion, months of occupation and last week’s brutal battle to liberate it, evidence of the chaotic and bloody Russian withdrawal and defeat is everywhere. Emerging from the dugout of a former Russian checkpoint on the outskirts of the Donbas city, … Read more

UK warns Russia of consequences for any nuclear weapon use

BIRMINGHAM, England, Oct 4 (Reuters) – Britain’s foreign minister James Cleverly on Tuesday said Russian President Vladimir Putin’s sequence of strategic errors must stop and that any use of nuclear weapons would lead to consequences. Putin has escalated its seven-month war in Ukraine with a military mobilisation and warnings of nuclear weapons use. read more … Read more

Ugandan president fires son from military role after ‘capture Nairobi’ tweet | Uganda

The Ugandan president, Yoweri Museveni, has fired his son as commander of the country’s infantry forces after the son tweeted an unprovoked threat to capture the capital of neighbouring Kenya, drawing widespread concern in east Africa. Lt Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba, labelled “the tweeting general” of Uganda, in recent months had sparked anger among some Ugandans … Read more