Has The Resort been renewed for Season 2? Here’s what we know:

Renewed Or Cancelled?

The Resort’s finale has ended and remained true to the dual timeline structure that the season offered us. Season 1 was about mending oneself and seeking the will to move on from past traumas. All of this, wrapped in a suspense mystery-type setting like The White Lotus and investigative adventures like Sherlock.

We found out the secrets to what Pasaje actually meant and some lateral implications of the weirdness that Alex’s character was. The season finale did manage to tie up almost all the loose ends and answer the most burning mysteries of the story. But there was one that creator Andy Siara left us with relating to Baltasar and his next “voyage”, on which Luna might accompany him. Does that mean there will be a season 2? Here is what we know about The Resort’s season 2:

What is The Resort about?

Noah & Emma take a vacation to a far-off resort secluded from any work-related stress. They are celebrating their tenth anniversary but the marriage is in a delicate situation. In an inadvertent bike accident, Emma rolls into the depths of the jungle and discovers an old phone.

Further investigation reveals that it belonged to Sam, a tourist on the island who went missing with another girl, Violet, fifteen years back after a hurricane wiped out everything. She takes it upon herself to uncover the secrets of the past, in the process, ruffling feathers with powerful and desperate people looking for the same answers. Using the book written by a mysterious author, she must work to get answers and confront the reality of her own past that she keeps running away from.

Has The Resort been renewed for season 2?

At the time of writing, no, The Resort has not been renewed for a season 2, yet. Peacock is yet to take a decision on the renewal but Andy Siara, the showrunner and the main writer on the staff, believes that season 2 will have great potential given the open-ended ending to season 1.

In an interview with Deadline, he was quoted as saying, “I guess that’s an avenue for a Season 2 thing. I decided to not show what was on that newspaper that he hands to Luna. In the world of answering all the mysteries, I guess that is one new mystery that is not answered, just because I felt like [it’s best to have] some questions left over, I guess. He shows her something that is a news article that hints at another mystery, where Baltasar is kind of like our… I mean, he’s, he’s a full-on memory detective now, I guess.”

He even used the phrase Baltasar Begins to give a new perspective to view the show’s season 1 from. There is no doubt in the fact that Baltasar’s character grew closer to our hearts as the season went on. He started off as the antagonist; the rich brat who has no compassion or regard for anything soulful. But in the end, he brought all the elements of season 1 together. His charming camaraderie with Alex and Luna showed his humane side and a season 2 based on this central storyline – the search for Alex or a revisit to Pasaje – might be something worth watching.

What we know about season 2 so far:

Unfortunately, we do not have anything concrete to share with you about the plot. Siara revealed in the same interview that all details about the second season are TBD – to be discussed. He did not deny that we will have another season but didn’t give a firm commitment either. I guess that is how the studio heads keep them guessing too!

In all probability, we can say with reasonable certainty that there will be a second season. Factors like viewership, critics’ response, and the potential of the story, all point toward a renewal on the cards. Be sure to check this page again as we will update it whenever there is a change.

Would you like to see The Resort return for a second season? What did you think of the show? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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