Insider Claims To Have Seen The Working Bloodborne…

There’s been a lot of talk recently about how likely a Bloodborne PC-port is, and one commentator just weighed in with a bombshell: he’s already seen a working port!

Bloodborne PC
Is it finally time? | © FromSoftware

Will Bloodborne be coming to PC? There’s a question we’ve been asked perhaps more than any other over the last few years. The fans certainly want it, but FromSoftware have been busy making the Game of the Year instead (and we don’t blame them). But what about if a 3rd-party did the work? Would it be simple for a company who make ports to get this beloved game on to PC, or is that impossible now? Well, some have certainly claimed it isn’t possible. But one industry-insider is claiming he’s already seen a working port…

A Bloodborne PC-Port Already Exists

There was a lot of conversation over the last week in regard to a PC-Port for Bloodborne, and Jeff Grubb claimed that the code was just too messy for any developer to want to go back and untangle it now. We normally take Grubb’s word as gospel, but another insider, Lance McDonald, claims to have already seen a working PC-Port with his own eyes!

Here’s exactly what he wrote:

A 60fps patch for the PS4 version is 2 lines of code that need changing. Japan Studio had a build of the game that was running on Windows 7 when they were shut down and Sony likely still has that build sitting in their archives, as well as all the source for it. I’ve seen it.

We’re fairly sure he wouldn’t lie; this guy is absolutely devoted to Bloodborne (he wrote the unofficial 60fps patch). But does it even matter that a 3rd-party port exists if Sony won’t touch it? That’s sadly what this matter is going to come down to. Because, sure, it might be possible to get the port working, but it would still take a huge effort to get it packaged and ready for sale. And at this point, is it worth the investment? We still think there are enough Bloodborne fans to make it worth it, but we sadly don’t believe Sony or FromSoftware see it that way, otherwise this project would have happened years ago.

We’ll keep an eye on this story as it develops and update you if we hear any good news. What do you think, would you buy Bloodborne again to have it on PC? Or maybe even the Steam Deck?

But we do have some good news for PC players!

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