Like Pokemon Go, But For Salt Of The Earth Corelords

On Wednesday night, the Byron Bay Surf Fest begins. 

For five days, Byron Bay will be celebrating surfing with a truckload of art shows, music performances, speaking engagements, movie screenings, parties and novelty surf events featuring some of surfing’s most culturally significant figures. 

Instead of spotting Pikachu’s, you’ll be iD-ing the iconic heads of influential surfers such as: Derek Hynd, Bob McTavish, Jaleesa Vincent, Jack McCoy, George Greenough and more, hearing untold stories from behind the veil of the industry, listening to thumping tunes, making friends, sinking tins, learning lots about board design/history and rinsing off the dust on one of the many 70’s-inspired singles and twin fins at Vissla’s ‘Cosmic Creek’ exhibition held at ‘The Wreck’.

For the log-inclined there will be the ‘Wategoes Wizard’ event held on Saturday, and for the frictionless fiends, a soft top slide event on Sunday. 

If you feel like ripping the lid off, Saturday night at ‘The Rails’ will see a free event headlined by ‘The Terry’s’ with a bunch of other local and emerging artists gracing the stage beforehand. If you feel like getting educated you can tap into Varuna’s seed-to-surfboard seminar or stimulate the grey matter at Tricia Shantz’s ‘Neverland’ book launch

In short, there will be something for everyone, mental food/drinks to keep you going, lots of interesting people to chat to, and no doubt, plenty of mischief to cause. 

You can get yourself a ticket here. 

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