Ballistics tests link seven shootings in California in possible serial killer case | California

Ballistics tests have now linked at least six fatal and one non-fatal shooting in California, authorities have said, all potentially at the hands of a serial killer. Authorities are set to provide an update on the investigation into the killings on Tuesday afternoon. Authorities last week announced that five men in the city of Stockton, … Read more

Scientists Have Discovered a New Set of Blood Groups

The unborn baby was in trouble. Its mother’s doctors, at a UK hospital, knew there was something wrong with the fetus’s blood, so they decided to perform an emergency C-section many weeks before the baby was due. But despite this, and subsequent blood transfusions, the baby suffered a brain hemorrhage with devastating consequences. It sadly … Read more

A Nintendo Direct For The Super Mario Bros. Movie Is Happening This Week And Here’s When Aussies Can Watch It

Nintendo has announced that the world premiere trailer for The Super Mario Bros. Movie will come as part of a special Nintendo Direct. While the announcement includes advance notice that there won’t be any information on games included in the presentation, it’s certainly interesting that Nintendo is declaring this a Direct and it remains to … Read more

Rugby urged to cut matches as study finds players’ risk of MND is 15 times higher | Rugby union

Rugby union has been urged to cut back on competitive matches and stop contact training sessions altogether during the season following a landmark study which found the risk of motor neurone disease among Scottish international players was 15 times higher than the general population. The research, which compared 412 former Scotland internationals born between 1900 … Read more

Session: Skate Sim Review | GameGrin

There was a glorious time when seemingly every extreme sport had its own videogame. From BMX to wakeboarding, none came close to the popularity of skateboarding games. Whilst the majority of these titles were arcadey and allowed players to pull off impossibly long combos and land from immense heights without so much as a wobble, … Read more