Perfect Dark not in trouble, Microsoft says, despite Crystal Dynamics’ involvement

Matt Booty, Head of Microsoft Studios, has assured fans that The Initiative’s Perfect Dark game is in good shape despite working with Crystal Dynamics.

Speaking at PAX West last week, Booty discussed the increased prevalence of multiple developers working together on new games.

“How we make games is evolving,” said Booty. “The idea of a single team under one roof really doesn’t happen that often anymore.”

Perfect Dark – Official Announce Trailer – The Game Awards 2020

Discussing Perfect Dark specifically, he continued: “We just did this big partnership with Crystal Dynamics and I read online that this must mean there’s a problem. It’s quite the opposite.

“You’ve got this veteran team at Crystal Dynamics, a big AAA team with over a hundred people that becomes available – of course we want to work with them, particularly if they’ve made a game like that before.”

He reeled off other examples of studios collaborating, before noting that can add complexity as issues in one studio can impact the schedule of a game’s release.

Booty was also asked how to reboot Joanna Dark for the modern age.

“Very carefully,” was his response, before admitting that some things “don’t age well”.

“What’s super cool about Perfect Dark, about Joanna Dark, is the super agent fantasy, the Bourne Identity James Bond kinda thing. That’s a cool meme, it’s something people want to lean into. But we’ve got to make sure that comes forward in the right way.”

The Initiative is rebooting Rare’s iconic N64 shooter Perfect Dark, with Crystal Dynamics brought on last year.

So far, though, our only look at the game was a brief teaser at The Game Awards in 2020.

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