Priti Patel resigns as Home Secretary

Ms Patel was appointed Home Secretary by Mr Johnson in July 2019 and described it as an “honour” to deliver reforms to the police, “stand up for the hard-working law abiding majority,” reform the immigration system and fight terrorism.

She has overseen the 20,000 uplift in police officers, the introduction of tougher sentences for offenders and given police new powers to fight knife crime, combat illegal protests and crackdown on drugs and county lines gangs.

However, she has seen the rate of prosecutions for offences ranging from rape to burglary and theft continue to plummet.

She has also seen a surge in the number of illegal migrants reaching the UK across the Channel, which this weekend passed 27,000, double the rate of last year.

She has yet to see the controversial Rwanda asylum policy take effect to act as a deterrent after being stalled by legal challenges over the removal of migrants.

In her letter, she said: “Over the last three years, our approach to reform immigration laws and fixing our broken asylum system has been firm and fair.

“I know how frustrating the issue of Channel crossings has been. this is why we fully reviewed all aspects of Channel operations covering ‘push backs’ at sea and military and military interceptions in the Channel.

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