Exclusive: When Is ‘Shovel Knight Dig’ Set? Here’s The Official Shovel Knight Timeline

Image: Yacht Club Games / Nintendo Life Since the initial launch of Shovel Knight back in 2014, Yacht Club Games’ 2D adventure title has since blossomed into a bonafide franchise thanks to the inclusion of spin-off titles Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon and Shovel Knight Dig. The latter is the latest release from the franchise and … Read more

‘Penko Park’ Combines Pokémon Snap’s Cuteness With Majora’s Mask Creepiness

Image: Ghostbutter Do you love Pokémon Snap, but hate waiting 20 years for new instalments? Do you wish that Pokémon would lean way more into its darker side, like all the ghost Pokémon that steal children? Do you enjoy Take a good look at Penko Park, an upcoming Switch game that draws its inspiration from … Read more