NASA’s Juno spacecraft captures extraordinarily detailed images of Jupiter’s moon Europa

NASA’s Juno spacecraft has taken its first picture of Jupiter’s moon Europa — capturing the ice-encrusted surface in extraordinary detail. The image is the closest look at Europa that any spacecraft has provided in more than 20 years, when the US space agency’s Galileo came within 218 miles (351 km) of the surface in January 2000. … Read more

James Webb captures a spectacular image of a sparkling galaxy

One of the first spectacular images taken by NASA’s new multi-million pound James Webb Space Telescope captured the universe’s earliest galaxies. Now, early analysis has zeroed in on one of these galaxies nine billion light-years away from Earth, and revealed that it is sparkling with some of the oldest-known star clusters, dating back to shortly … Read more

Nasa’s DART crashes into asteroid in historic defence test to protect humanity

Dimorphos orbits around another asteroid called Didymos, which is five times bigger, about every 12 hours. The pair of asteroids are no threat to Earth but were used as a test because they are close enough to be seen by telescopes. DART used a “smart navigation system” developed by Johns Hopkins University’s Applied Physics Laboratory … Read more

Nasa ready to crash £300m spacecraft into an asteroid

They will do this by timing how long Dimorphos takes to orbit Didymos and seeing if Dart has had any effect while cubesats, released from Dart before impact, will capture images. Disruption caused by Dart is not expected to be vast but should be enough to have a significant impact over time. Tom Statler, a … Read more

NASA pushes back Artemis 1 launch date AGAIN as Tropical Storm Ian nears hurricane strength

NASA has been forced to postpone the launch of moon rocket Artemis 1 for a third time as Tropical Storm Ian, which could soon become a hurricane, bears down on Florida. The Tropical Storm has sent panic throughout the state with residents clearing shelves at grocery stores, and now the nation’s space program has felt … Read more

NASA will intentionally crash a spacecraft into an asteroid at 15,000mph on Monday

In just a few days’ time, NASA will intentionally crash a spacecraft into an asteroid at 15,000mph. Such a mission may evoke memories of a Hollywood disaster movie such as Armageddon or Deep Impact, but this is very much real and is actually part of the US space agency’s first ever planetary defence test. Of course, there … Read more

Mars is already TRASHED: Humans have left more than 15,000 pounds of debris on the Red Planet

Humans have left more than 15,000 pounds of trash on Mars in the last 50 years and not a single person has ever stepped foot on the red planet. Cagri Kilic, a postdoctoral research fellow in robotics at West Virginia University, analyzed the mass of all rovers and orbiters sent to Mars and subtracted the … Read more

Stunning image from NASA astronaut captures ‘star trails in space’ from the ISS

Incredible image from NASA astronaut captures ‘star trails in space’ on board the International Space Station A NASA astronaut captured a stunning picture of ‘star trails’ while on a mission aboard the International Space Station  Curved trails of distant stars and Earth being illuminated by city lights and lightning strikes can be seen in the … Read more

Asteroid impacts MOVED the moon’s north and south pole about 186 miles over 4.25 billion years

Ancient collisions with asteroids actually moved the moon’s north and south pokes by about 186 miles, scientists revealed in a new study. A team at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland used computer simulations to ‘erase’ thousands of craters from the lunar surface – as if they were going back in time to 4.25 … Read more