Mars is already TRASHED: Humans have left more than 15,000 pounds of debris on the Red Planet

Humans have left more than 15,000 pounds of trash on Mars in the last 50 years and not a single person has ever stepped foot on the red planet. Cagri Kilic, a postdoctoral research fellow in robotics at West Virginia University, analyzed the mass of all rovers and orbiters sent to Mars and subtracted the … Read more

Two masked men hold elderly Virginia residents at GUNPOINT during home invasion

Shocking footage shows two masked men holding elderly Virginia residents at GUNPOINT during home invasion: One perp yells at victim to ‘get in the closet right now’ before stealing wallet and safe The hoodlums are identified as Mitchell Boney Jr., 25, and Tyree Demont Boney Jr., 22, according to the Portsmouth Police Department  Both are … Read more

Study shows 40% of patients treated with ketamine had depression symptoms disappear

While its use as an antidepressant may be controversial among health experts and regulators, the anesthetic drug ketamine has shown great affect as an antidepressant in recent trials – potentially even curing the disease in some. Researchers at MindPeace Clinics, a ketamine therapy clinic in Arlington, Virginia – just outside of Washington D.C., found that … Read more

Virginia grandmother, 67, her granddaughter, 9, and pet dog are all killed in house fire

A Virginia grandmother, her nine-year-old granddaughter and the family dog all  perished in a devastating house fire early Tuesday morning, officials said. Kaysie Anne Arancibia, a fourth grader at Sleepy Hollow Elementary School was rushed to a local hospital but later died from injuries she sustained in the blaze. The family’s pet dog also did not … Read more