The 10 Most Popular Legendary Pokémon From The Anime

Pokémon is easily one of the longest-running anime around, with fans of all generations. Based on the beloved game of the same name, each new iteration of the anime introduces new regions and brand-new Pokémon for the audience to enjoy.

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While everyone has their favorites among the regular Pokémon, it’s no surprise that Legendaries are the ones fans love the best, and the anime has included many favorites throughout the years. While every Legendary Pokémon is cool, some are more popular among fans than others.

10 Ho-Oh Has Been A Favorite From The Start

Ho-oh is the very first Legendary Pokémon fans see in the anime, appearing at the end of the first episode. Though it’s been around since the beginning, it’s remained popular throughout the years. Even with the inclusion of newer, flashier Legendaries, this classic species manages to hold its own.

As one of the first Legendary Pokémon, Ho-oh has an air of mystery and even seems otherworldly compared to most species. With its majestic appearance and impressive powers, it’s no wonder Ho-oh still captures the hearts of even younger generations.

9 Latios & Latias Are A Beloved Dynamic Duo

Latios and Latias are an adorable pair of Legendaries that made their anime debut in the 2002 film Pokémon Heroes. Since then, fans have completely fallen in love with these two, and they’ve even made several appearances in the series.

Latios and Latias are dual-type Dragon/Psychic Pokémon with sleek bodies and irresistibly cute faces that have easily made them two of the most popular Legendaries in the anime. They may not have the incredible power of other Legendary Pokémon featured in the series, but their iconic design makes them some of the most memorable.

8 Jirachi Is One Of The Cutest Legendaries To Appear In The Anime

Jirachi is yet another Legendary Pokémon to make its first appearance in a movie. Debuting in Pokémon: Jirachi: Wish Maker, fans everywhere immediately fell in love with this adorable Legendary.

To this day, Jirachi remains one of the cutest Legendary Pokémon of all time and almost no one can resist its charms. However, cuteness isn’t the only thing Jirachi has going for it. It also has an impressive amount of power that rivals even the most fearsome Legendaries, making it just as formidable as the rest.

7 Rayquaza Is One Of Pokémon’s Greatest Dragons

There are a lot of Dragon-type Pokémon throughout the franchise, including several Legendary dragons. However, none can compare to everyone’s favorite, Rayquaza. Debuting in Gen III, this massive green dragon immediately stole the show among Legendaries and remains a fan favorite still today.

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Though Rayquaza’s appearances in the anime have been scarce, it has always left an impressive impact on the franchise and is loved by fans of the anime and games alike. Even as the series gains more Legendaries, Rayquaza is still one of the top favorites in the anime, games, and even the trading cards.

6 Articuno, Zapdos, & Moltres Are The Amazing Legendary Birds

Much like Latios and Latias, the three Legendary Birds are a package deal when it comes to Legendaries. They’re some of the earliest Legendary Pokémon introduced into the franchise, appearing both in the anime and the hit film Pokémon: The Movie 2000.

Though they’re the oldest Legendaries, they’re still some of the most beloved in the entire franchise. Each bird is completely unique to the others, and every fan has their all-time favorite of the trio. However, they’re strongest and most impressive when they’re all together, making some of the most iconic bird Pokémon of the series.

5 Suicune Is The Fan-Favorite Of The Legendary Beasts

The Legendary Beasts are some of the more popular Legendary Pokémon of all time. While each of them is loved by fans, it’s easy to see that Suicune is the favorite of the trio. Though each of these dog-like Pokémon are cool in their own way, there’s just something special about Suicune that makes it stand out the most.

Suicune’s blue and purple design is both memorable and eye-catching, and its water-type abilities are nothing short of impressive. All around, this Legendary has solidified its place among the greats of the franchise, easily matching up to modern-day species.

4 Mew Wins Fans Over With Its Power & Cuteness

Mew is yet another one of the old school classics among Legendaries, and it’s still one of the most beloved Pokémon in the franchise. Throughout the series, Mew is described as one of the rarest species out there, and anyone who happens to catch a glimpse of it is considered extremely lucky.

From Mew’s rarity and astounding power to its downright adorable appearance, there’s nothing about this classic Pokémon that fans don’t love. Very few Legendaries even come close to its level of popularity, making it one of the best of the bunch.

3 Lugia Has Become One Of The Mascots Of The Franchise

Like the famous Legendary Bird trio, Lugia made its debut appearance in Pokémon: The Movie 2000 and from there, has made several appearances in the series. Since then, fans haven’t been able to get enough of this incredible Legendary Pokémon.

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Throughout the years, this “Guardian of the Sea” has become one of the most popular and recognizable Pokémon in the franchise. Lugia has even become a mascot of the games and series, alongside everyone’s favorite electric mouse Pikachu. As a result, Lugia is loved by all generations, and few other Legendaries can rival its popularity.

2 Arceus Is An All-Powerful Deity Of The Pokémon World

Though Arceus has had very little screentime in the anime, there’s no denying its impact on the series. After all, it’s the literal god of the Pokémon world and has more power than any Pokémon in existence, including the other Legendaries. Arceus reigns supreme over everyone.

Arceus is an incredibly cool Pokémon that fans can’t help but love, and it’s one of the most widely recognized modern Legendaries. With the upcoming series Pokémon: The Arceus Chronicles set to come out in September 2022, Arceus is sure to become an even more popular Legendary Pokémon than ever before.

Though there are many amazing Legendary Pokémon, none have anywhere near the popularity of Mewtwo. Debuting back in 1999 as the main antagonist of Pokémon: The First Movie, Mewtwo was cool then, and it’s even cooler now. It’s easily one of the most recognizable Legendaries, even more so than favorites like Mew or Lugia.

Even Arceus, the god of Pokémon, can’t match Mewtwo’s universal appeal. From Mewtwo’s unmatched power to its compelling backstory, Mewtwo has captured the hearts of fans everywhere. Though it’s been decades since Mewtwo’s first appearance, it remains the best Legendary to ever come out of the franchise.

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