The Division Heartland store page silently pushed live by Ubisoft

After a leak suggested that The Division Heartland could be Ubisoft’s take on looter shooter Escape From Tarkov, the free-to-play FPS game has had screenshots and details posted to the Ubisoft store, just in time for this week’s Ubisoft Forward presentation.

The Division Heartland was announced in May of last year and described as a “standalone game that doesn’t require previous experience with the series,” as Ubisoft moves The Division away from the upfront cost of The Division 2 in favour of a more approachable free-to-play model. 

Now, a Ubisoft Store listing  – which may be deleted and leading to a 404 error – for The Division Heartland outlines what players can expect, and points towards a potential reveal at this week’s Ubisoft Forward event. . According to the game’s store page, the survival-action multiplayer shooter will be set in “small-town Middle America” and let you pick between six agents and three classes every match, with each having their own skills and perks.

The two previously leaked game modes have also been outlined by Ubisoft on the store page. PvPvE mode Storm will see 45 players attempting to survive a virus and contend with a group called the Vultures, alongside Rogue agents. The PvE mode, called Excursion, will see you completing missions, collecting gear, activating alerts and preparing the battlefield, whatever that means.

The images and details for The Division Heartland might seem to have initially come out of nowhere, but Ubisoft has scheduled a stream dedicated to its upcoming games later this week. The Ubisoft Forward event is set for Saturday, September 10 at 8pm BST, 9pm CET, 12pm PST, 3pm EST or 6am AEDT on September 11.

If you’ve got a craving for all things The Division 2 then you’ll be happy to know that Season 10 is set to launch sometime in September, and it will include quality of life improvements, a new manhunt, new gear and new legendary difficulty strongholds as well.

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