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The one-handed Joy-Con adapter in action.

After building one-handed adapters for the Xbox and PS5, AkakiKuumeri now sells a similar attachment for the Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons. The 3D-printed, fully mechanical adapter allows gamers to access the full range of Joy-Con controls using just one hand.

This new Switch accessory is very unique, even when compared to AkakiKuumeri’s previous adapters. It replaces the standard Joy-Con grip, and it only works if one Joy-Con is placed backwards and upside-down. (AkakiKuumeri’s Xbox and PS5 adapters just snap to the controller.)

But video demonstrations show that the adapter works! It even includes optional arm and leg straps, which may be required during assembly. Customers note that putting this adapter together is a bit difficult with only one hand, but that it’s a breeze once everything’s set up. (The adapter needs to be set up for left-handed or right-handed users, so assembly is required.)

Still, it’s a shame that this kind of product isn’t offered by major gaming brands. Microsoft sells some very interesting accessibility devices for gamers with limited mobility, but Sony and Nintendo have largely ignored this sector.

AkakiKuumeri’s Joy-Con adapter costs $175, which is quite expensive compared to his one-handed Xbox and PS5 accessories. But if you want to play Nintendo Switch with only one hand, this is one of your only options.

Source: Techspot

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