Ubisoft Accidentally Leaks the Game

Ubisoft is working on The Division: Heartland as a standalone battle royale offering. The title got fans excited, but not many details have been revealed about it so far. But it seems things have changed recently. Because Ubisoft published The Division Heartland‘s store page and gave players key information. The removal of the page from the Ubisoft Store also proves that this is a mistake. So, here is everything with The Division Heartland leak.

Ubisoft Accidentally Leaks The Division Heartland

Ubisoft accidentally published the store page of one of the most anticipated games, The Division Heartland, giving players important details that something might be happening in the near future. Also, listing the title on the Ubisoft Store as ”Coming Soon” has fueled claims that the launch will be earlier than expected. Ubisoft removed the page after the mistake was discovered; however, it can still be found via Google Image Search.

This information comes from a user known on Twitter as ”Unknown1Z1”, who posted some footage of the leaked The Division Heartland Ubisoft Store Page. The user also noted the following statement on his post, “The Division Heartland is now available in the Ubisoft Store listed as Coming Soon.”

The Division Heartland is a free-to-play survival-action multiplayer shooter set in small-town Middle America,” the store page description reads. Also, the game’s Ubisoft Store store page highlights the following features:

Massive PvEvP in Storm Operations

  • Fight together in 45-player PvEvP Storm Operations against a group of dangerous Rogue agents, an aggressive faction known as the Vultures, all while surviving a lethal virus.

Prep The Battlefield in PvE Excursion Operations

  • Complete PvE missions, gather gear, activate alerts, and prep the battlefield in Excursion Operations.

Progress and Adapt to Survive

  • Play as one of six agents and select between three classes for each match, all with their own perks and skills.

So, what do you think about the upcoming game?

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