US Open 2022: Tiafoe v Nadal, Swiatek fights back to win, Norrie goes out – live! | US Open Tennis 2022

Key events

Fourth set: Tiafoe 6-4, 4-6, 6-4, 1-3 Nadal* (*denotes next server) Tiafoe is unhappy with the situation – he tells the umpire that the noise is affecting him. It closes mid-game, but not before Tiafoe presents two breaks points to Nadal with a wafted missed volley. Nadal takes the second one, punishing some undercooked shots with a cross-court winner!

Fourth set: *Tiafoe 6-4, 4-6, 6-4, 1-2 Nadal (*denotes next server) Nadal holds, and the decision is taken to close the roof on Arthur Ashe Stadium. Somewhat surprisingly, they will play on with the wheels in motion.

Fourth set: Tiafoe 6-4, 4-6, 6-4, 1-1 Nadal* (*denotes next server) Some textbook baseline-trimming play by Nadal keeps Tiafoe on his toes, but the first serve gets the American out of trouble. He’s not been especially accurate, but when they land in, they’re not coming back.

Fourth set: *Tiafoe 6-4, 4-6, 6-4, 0-1 Nadal (*denotes next server) Tiafoe edges ahead at 15-30 but Nadal prevails in a staggering rally before holding his arms aloft. He won’t go quietly, but Tiafoe is straight back into it to pick up a break point. A big second serve saves Nadal, and he finds an ace and another unreturnable first serve to hang on.

Nadal is off court again for treatment, so there’ll be a short delay before the fourth set. Tiafoe looks to be in control of this match, but this is Rafael Nadal we’re talking about.

While we wait, here’s Tumaini Carayol on Jessica Pegula, somehow making an under-the-radar run despite being the USA’s top-ranked female player.

Frances Tiafoe wins the third set, leads 2-1! Thanks, Daniel. Nadal holds serve comfortably enough – now, can he put pressure on Tiafoe? He gets the first point but Tiafoe will not be denied, moving freely on his way to two set points. And an ace out wide gets it done.

Frances Tiafoe reacts after winning the third set against Rafael Nadal.
Frances Tiafoe celebrates after winning the third set. Photograph: Robert Deutsch/USA Today Sports

Righto, that is me for tonight. But fear not! Niall McVeigh is here to guide you through what’s next. Ta-ra!

Nadal gets 0-15, so down comes a 132mph ace, right into the corner. Ooh yeah, and another! Still, when Tiafoe finds himself at 40-30 and second serve, there’s a bit of pressure … so he comes in behind it, forcing Nadal to go for something wild rather than get the ball back into play, and he’s now a game away from the third set at 6-4 4-6 5-3!

On Armstrong, Azarenka and Pliskova are away.

Apparently it’s going to rain in the next hour; I imagine that, given how wet they let Ashe get earlier this afternoon, they’ll be more proactive in shutting the roof quicksmart. But hello! Tiafoe gets 30-40 and his second break point of the match! AND HE TAKES IT, spanking a glorious backhand down the line, one of those he knew he was going to nail before he got there so he ran through it and straight back to his seat! He is buzzing! Tiafoe 6-4 4-6 4-3 Nadal

Leading 3-2, Nadal hits a fine, deep return that gets him 0-15 and Martina tells us that while her mum watched her play, she wore sunglasses so no one could see her eyes were closed – she couldn’t take looking. Ah, I love that – I’ve not a clue how parents of sportsfolk hold it down, I know I couldn’t. Anyhow, Tiafoe holds to that 15, sealing the deal with a ludicrous ace timed at 138mph. “Come on Francis, hit it!” says Martina. “I wanna see 140, stop babying it!” We’re 3-3 in the third.

Back on Ashe, we’re dead level at 6-4 4-6 2-2, both men serving like demons. You’ve got to fancy Nadal, obviously, but Tiafoe is properly in this – but can he stay so when it gets tight?

Swiatek is happy to have won and is grateful for the vocal support she gets from any Poles knocking around wherever she happens to be playing. The main thing for her is the result but she’s trying to focus on the process and she’s happy to make the last eight, the furthest she’s ever gone at Flushing Meadows. She was wearing headphoine when she came out, so asked what she’s listening to, tells us it’s Pearl Jam and Led Zep – she’s bored of them, but the year’s gone so well she doesn’t feel able to change things up.

Iga Swiatek [1] beats Jule Niemeier 2-6 6-4 6-0!

That’s her 19th love set of the year! Rrrridiculous. She didn’t play well today, but she found a way and meets Pegula next. That’s a different challenge, but I’m sure she’ll raise it again, while Niemeier has loads on which to build – this was her first US Open and she’s only 23.

Iga Swiatek celebrates after defeating Jule Niemeier.
Iga Swiatek celebrates after defeating Jule Niemeier. Photograph: Al Bello/Getty Images

Niemeier misses three break points and finds herself down 0-5 in the third. She’s going to be a force, though, I think – and will be all the better for this tousing, though I’m sure it doesn’t feel that way at the moment.

Yeah, and it’s flipped on Ashe too, Nadal raising his first break points of the match that are also set points; Tiafoe serves a double and we’re now level at 6-4 4-6. It’s typical Nadal really, apparently on the verge of physical collapse, but in fact nowhere near.

Oh Jule! I’m afraid to say that she’s gone: Swiatek isn’t playing that well, but she’s just secured the double break, to love, for 4-0 in the decider. In comms they reckon Niemeier has played the opponent not the ball, but i wonder if she might just be knackered – it’s crazy hot out there, and i doubt the pressure is especially chilling.

At 4-4 in set two, Nadal tosses low and tired, sends down a double, and hands Tiafoe a go at deuce; Tiafoe is there for it too, only to go early on an easy ball and push into the net. Anguish! Naturally, Nadal finds a great forehand next point and now leads 5-4 in the second, while Swiatek has consolidated her break to lead Niemeier, struggling with her second serve, 3-0 in the third.

Rafael Nadal serves to Frances Tiafoe.
Rafael Nadal serves to Frances Tiafoe. Photograph: Geoff Burke/USA Today Sports

Facing two break points, Niemeier saves the first with a terrific serve out wide backed up by a clean-up wrongfooting forehand into the same corner, then another booming forehand encourages Swiatek to go long in response. But Swiatek keeps at it, eventually securing the break, and Niemier needs to reset, fast; she trails 0-2 in the decider.

Calvin Betton, our relevant coach, messages again on Tiafoe: “Tiafoe is just too nice a kid to be one of the elite. He’s not a killer.”

However, Nadal just isn’t moving as he usually does, and is getting out-hit from the back. I quite fancy him to bring this one home – though Nadal has just held to love ands has dropped only two points on serve this set.

Eesh, Niemeier gives up another break, the seventh we’ve seen in eight games, and this time it costs her the set because she’s run out of break-back opportunities. Swiatek 2-6 6-4 Niemeier

Nadal is serving well now, but the problem for him is that Tiafoe is too; what’s surprising, though, is that he’s not changed anything, still struggling to make capital on when facing a second delivery. So in comms, they’re wondering if his body is limiting what he can do – “It doesn’t make sense for someone of his stature to be doing what’s not working,” says Martina. Anyroad, it’s 2-2 in the second, Tiafoe having taken the first 6-4.

Frances Tiafoe hits a no look return to Rafael Nadal.
Frances Tiafoe hits a no look return. Photograph: Cj Gunther/EPA

Goodness me, Niemeier gets herself 30-40 … and Swiatek double faults to hand back the break! She has some stern words with herself at change of ends, but she’s struggling and she knows it, trailing 2-6 5-4.

A terrific forehand to the forehand corner is too good even for Niemeier, and Swiatek roars her pleasure in her break. She is pumped, and at 5-3 will serve for 1-1.

Thanks Tom. Nadal has held in the first game of set two, while Niemeier is serving at 6-2 3-4 40-40; Swiatek yelps in fury at allowing her to deuce with yet another netted groundstroke.

Nadal is back on court after that medical timeout. He was off court for nearly 10 minutes, so we’ll see how that affects Tiafoe’s momentum after takin the first set. And on that bombshell, I’ll hand back to Daniel.

Business back to usual with Iga Swiatek after breaking Niemeier twice in the second to go 4-2 up. Her radar is still off though, and her 27th unforced error of the day makes it 15-40 and gives Niemeier a chance to get the set back on serve. Which she does at the first attempt, with a rifled backhand.

Nadal is getting his wrist taped and treated after losing that first set.

Tiafoe serves for the set against Nadal. If he’s nervous, he doesn’t show it outwardly and he’s soon 40-0 up. Well, maybe there are a few nerves: he double faults to make it 40-15. Then a brilliant backhand return from Nadal scorches across court for 40-30. The next point is perfect for the American though, as he moves Nadal back and forth before clinching the set with a volley. Tiafoe leads Nadal 6-4 after the first set.

It’s worth remembering that Rafa also lost the first set in two of his first three matches here. But Tiafoe is a far superior player to Fabio Fognini and Rinky Hijikata.

Swiatek has broken back against Niemeier, so we’re back on serve in the second set.

Iga Swiatek returns to Jule Niemeier.
Iga Swiatek returns to Jule Niemeier. Photograph: Eduardo Muñoz/AP

That last game was the first time Tiafoe had broken Nadal in their three matches together. He’s 0-30 down early on in the next game as he aims to consolidate the break but battles back to 40-30 with a beautiful whipped forehand. Nadal replies with a backhand winner and we’re at deuce. At advantage, Tiaefoe lets a shot go past him but it lands in. He does eventually hold for 5-3.

Meanwhile, Niemeier has broken Swiatek and just needs to hold serve for the rest of the second set to send the No 1 seed out!

Niemeier continues to make it tough for Swiatek. The No 1 seed serves to open the second set after losing the first and is taken to deuce by her opponent before holding. Meanwhile, a few wobbles for Nadal who is 0-30 down to Tiafoe after an unforced error – he already has eight so far early-ish in the first set. The American has a good chance to make it 0-40 but sends his shot wide. There’s a brief pause as world-class sweater Nadal asks for some moisture to be wiped off court. It doesn’t do him much good: two forehands go long and Tiafoe has broken Nadal to make it 4-3 in the first.

Jessica Pegula got through to her first US Open quarter-final earlier this afternoon and is having a chat with ESPN. She will play the winner of Swiatek and Niemeier and says she’s not surprised the German is a set up against the world No 1, as she’s seen her talent develop recently.

Cameron Norrie lost earlier this afternoon, and our own Tumaini Carayol was there to watch what was an uncharacteristically flat performance from the Briton. Here’s the report in full:

Tiafoe sends down a serve at 30-30 that is recorded at 135mph but looks about 465mph. It’s straight down the middle and Nadal can’t get anywhere near it. Tiafoe goes on to hold and we’re level at 2-2 in the first.

A few problems for Niemeier as she attempts to serve out the set. Swiatek takes her to deuce on the German’s own serve, but Niemeier holds her nerve (and serve) and she takes the first set! The shock is on…

Jule Niemeier serves on her way to taking the first set in her match with Iga Swiatek.
Jule Niemeier serves on her way to taking the first set in her match with Iga Swiatek. Photograph: Timothy A Clary/AFP/Getty Images

Anyroad up, I’m off for a break; here’s Tom Lutz to keep you apprised while I’m gone.

In making round four, Niemeier hasn’t played anyone seeded, but she’s taken to Swiatek nicely, outhitting her from the back, and it’s no surprise when she makes 15-40. But she can’t convert, wasting her second break point by ambling in to net sloppily. No matter: she monsters another second set to then hit a drop, slips while hitting a forehand … and distracted at the other end, Swiatek, who need only get the ball into court, nets! Niemeier has the double break at 5-2! Back on Ashe, by the way, a hold each has Tiafoe and Nadal at 1-1.

Swiatek’s hitting the net a lot today, and does so again when she gets Niemeier serves at deuce. She does win the next point, though, only for Niemeier to close out from there and increase her lead to 4-2 in the first.

Jule Niemeier fires off a forehand to Iga Swiatek.
Jule Niemeier fires off a forehand to Iga Swiatek. Photograph: Eduardo Muñoz/AP

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