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Everything You Need To Know To Hire The Best Commercial Landscaping Contractor
Apply on April 10, 2019
Think of the landscaping service you currently enjoy.

What is the appearance of your property? Are you satisfied with what the landscaping company offers you in terms of property appearance, plant health and customer service?

The reason it can be difficult to price this service is that two companies can perform the same maintenance task and offer you, the consumer, a completely different value.

One supplier will get the job done as quickly as possible with the goal of visiting as many sites as possible during the day, while the other supplier may be more customer focused and take advantage of these visits. interview to carefully examine your property to suggest ways to improve it.

It’s the difference between simply providing a service and delivering real value.

Any landscaper can mow the lawn. You get value when you partner with a land management service provider who treats your property as if it were their own and understands your needs and wants.

We talked about communicating your expectations and the fact that defining
what “looks good” can vary from entrepreneur to entrepreneur. Now back to the crucial question: “Why do prices differ so much?” A commercial landscape maintenance contract includes variables that will affect the price. This is why we see a price gap, sometimes significant, between certain competing landscaping companies.

Here are three factors that affect the cost of your landscaping services:

1 – The scope of services
The size of your property and the full list of services required to maintain it must be included in the contract. Provide a landscaping plan to landscaping companies and clearly identify the areas to be served. How would you like the less visible areas to be maintained? What are your priorities for high traffic areas? Clearly state your goals.

The range of services can include:

Lawn mowing and hedge trimming
The size of the border of the flowerbeds
Weed control
Seasonal pruning
Spring and fall cleaning
Fall cleaning
Maintenance of irrigation systems
Spring, summer and fall flowers
Snow and ice management
(Note: Winter services are generally the subject of a separate contract.)


Question to ask tree provider

The size of the specimen: The larger the tree and the greater its deployment, the more the climber will have to move through the tree to reach the branches to be cut. In addition, the amount of branches to be shredded and wood to be evacuated usually increases exponentially depending on the diameter of the trunk. It is one of the most important criteria with the dangerousness and the state of health. Tree Services
Location: The distance between the shredder and the tree influences the time it takes to clear branches and wood. In addition, significant differences in level slow down evacuation work. The narrow corridors will oblige the contractor to cut the massive branches so as not to damage the elements near the passage. If elements of the evacuation route must be protected from being walked on (example: freshly sown lawn), additional protection must be installed; which will increase the execution time of the work. When there are obstacles preventing the direct fall of branches (such as a swimming pool for example), additional protection must be installed. For the massive branch descent, the notion of drop point becomes important: the drop points are the place where the massive branches can be lowered without risk of damaging anything. The narrower the drop points, the greater the time required for the descent of the massive branches.
Dangerousness: If the climber considers the tree to be so dangerous that it cannot support its own weight or the weight of the branches to be retained by the tree itself during branch retention operations, l additional equipment should be used. This will generate additional costs. In this case, the use of nacelles or cranes can be considered. These costs must be borne by the client. In the case where a branch representing a danger can be guyed, it will first be necessary to carry out a pruning of sanitation. Consider the cost of guying and pruning.
Equipment used: Generally, the more equipment there is to use, the higher the costs. When pruning, workers’ personal protective equipment must be used: helmet, protective glasses, gloves, pants and boots protecting against chain saws. Then, if it is necessary to climb, the ladder, the harness, the climbing cable and related accessories should be used. If massive branches are to be attached and restrained to avoid obstacles on the ground, pulleys, felling cables, steering cables, a friction cylinder and a workaround may be necessary. When branch shredding and chip evacuation are requested, a truck with a box that can hold the shavings and a branch chipper are required. When justified, the use of a crane or a basket may be necessary. Using a crane costs between $ 200 and $ 300 an hour while a gondola costs between $ 200 and $ 250 per day.
The general health of the tree: It will take longer to prune if the tree filled with dead wood, gourmands, sick branches and fork rot can compromise the strength of the carpenter branches.
Regarding the order of importance of these factors, it is difficult to quantify them or assign a percentage of importance to them. The fact that a tree is dangerous changes the game, because if a crane is used, the branches can be brought near the evacuation site, so that the distance from the tree no longer matters .

Does the arborist charge by the hour or does he usually offer a fixed price?

Generally, the arborist offers a fixed price, but he can also charge by the hour. The hourly rate varies depending on the number of employees, their skills and the equipment used. For example, you should expect to pay around $ 175 an hour for a team of 3 people with a shredder, a truck to evacuate the wood and chips and all the equipment necessary to perform the pruning. .

Can you give us an estimate

Handy Man Handyman Services

4 handyman tips

This is a fact we want to close our eyes to: autumn is upon us! Rather than being caught off guard, get ahead by preparing your home right now. We asked Handyman New Haven for some tips, be aware that there is worse than discovering water infiltration in its roof or a bird’s nest in its chimney, you could discover it in very cold weather. Help prevent unexpected renovations this year with these simple tips to help you get through the winter. As we say: “Prevention is better than cure”!

Tip 1: frozen water may surprise you

Pool or spa
The summer season is over and no one will go into the swimming pool. Take advantage of the last days of good weather to end the season. It’s time to vacuum the water one last time to clean it all the way down and feel free to play in the corners. The skimmer is also not to be forgotten. Lower the water level to about 50 cm (20 inches) below the skimmer to avoid damaging it. In case of heavy rain, check the water level again. Store the ladder, pump and all accessories. We recommend that you ask a professional for clear instructions on how to properly close your pool or spa. It is also possible to hire a specialized company to do the work.

Faucet and piping
Who says water, also says piping. talk about stories of pipes exploding in the dead of winter. Alas, these are not just stories. When you are going to put away your garden hoses, also shut off the water supply (valve) inside the house. So don’t take a chance and drain all the outside water outlets afterwards. Take the opportunity to water the soil abundantly around your trees and shrubs one last time. They will greatly appreciate it.

Tip 2: shrubs and flower beds: dress your plants

Your landscaping and these beautiful plants that you have chosen with care may need to be prepared for the winter. This time, you will have to deviate somewhat from the initial plan and wait until the end of the fall to cover your plants and flower beds. Note, however, that not all plants need additional protection; it all depends on the hardiness zones. The Natural Resources Canada site offers a charter allowing you to identify those in your municipality. Montreal is, for example, classified as being under zone 6a, i.e. an area with an average minimum temperature between -23Co and -17Co)

Other factors can also threaten your shrubs and flowerbeds such as a location near sidewalks and therefore subject to the passage of snow plows and their spills (street salt, snow trails, etc.).

In such situations, you will inevitably have to prepare your ground for winter. Cover the shrubs with canvas and tie them with a strong knot. For the smallest plants, plant stakes around them and make a canvas shelter for them or use a “rose cone”. Do not hesitate to use brightly colored stakes if you are afraid of the machinery wheels.

Tip 3: windows to light up your daily life

Your land is safe, but have you thought of your house? The idea of ​​a spring cleaning is widespread, but you would benefit from taking care of your windows during the fall. Wash them thoroughly and remove the mosquito nets. This will allow you to take advantage of a surplus of light as the days get shorter. You should know that on average almost 18%

During your major cleaning, you may find some wear and tear in the caulking of your windows and doors. Fall is the perfect time to find a contractor who can remedy the situation quickly. Take advantage of the low season to make these minor repairs. It will cost you an average of a few hundred dollars, no more. A handyman will most certainly help you.

You can always install weather stripping film to insulate your windows. Obviously, if the plastic film is not enough to stop the drafts, it is a sign that your windows will need to be replaced. To get a better idea of ​​the price, don’t hesitate to use our cost estimator and select the “Windows” box to get a rough estimate.

Tip 4: a solid roof over your head

Fall is the last opportunity to take a look at your roof before it is buried in the snow. When you are busy emptying gutters of dead leaves and other debris, look at s


Sign a lease to define commitments

You have finally found the residence that suits you. You just have to sign the lease with the private residence in question. But beware: a lease is a contract, you don’t have to sign anything! Update on this situation.

The rental form of the Régie du logement is mandatory, both for the rental of a room and an apartment in a private residence.

The lease defines the respective commitments of a tenant and a landlord regarding the different aspects of the rental. And like any contract, once signed, it can only be broken before the expiration by the consent of both parties.

Sign a lease to agree on terms and services

When signing the lease with a private residence, the owner and the tenant agree on the amount and the terms of payment of the rent, on the work to be performed (painting, for example), etc. When special services are offered, as is the case in retirement homes, they must add them to the appendix designed for this purpose.

Important: check that all the basic services included in the rent (electricity, heating, maintenance, laundry, activities, etc.) are noted. For the à la carte services for which you pay a supplement, make sure that each one appears in the appendix with its price. So if you want to cancel a service, you will immediately know how much to deduct

Sign a lease to formalize an agreement

Also, be sure to include any special services, such as the diet that your health conditions require. In addition, if you plan to go on a trip for a long period – if you plan to spend the winter in Florida, for example -, make an agreement with the owner so as not to pay for certain services (meals, laundry, etc. ) during your absence and have the details written in the appendix. It is important to negotiate and register all of these and not to trust a handshake.

Contingencies after signing a lease

When you pay for the rental of accommodation in a private residence, you have the right to your private life and the owner cannot enter your home as he wishes, except in an emergency (due to a water leak, for example). On the other hand, you cannot deny him access if work is required or if he must offer the rental accommodation following your notice of non-renewal of the lease. For everyone’s peace of mind, the Régie has planned it out.

If the owner needs to do minor work, he must give you 24 hours notice.

If this is major work, it must give you 10 days notice.

If they require that you temporarily leave the premises for a period of more than 7 days, the notice is at least 3 months.

The work must be carried out between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m.

If you judge the work excessive – the owner wants to change the windows in the middle of winter, for example -, you can file a complaint with the Régie du logement. It is important to have your rights respected.

Sign a lease with a private residence and not receive the registered services

If an amicable agreement seems impossible, send the owner a formal notice. Nothing moves? Then file a complaint with the Régie du logement which, after the hearing, will issue a judgment.

Terminate a lease without false note

Do you want to terminate your lease before the end of the contract? Here’s what to do to avoid trouble.

Contrary to popular belief, you cannot terminate a lease at any time and for any reason by simply giving three months’ notice.

According to the Régie du logement, only three situations allow the termination of the current lease:

A tenant is allocated low-cost housing (HLM);
A tenant can no longer occupy their accommodation due to a disability;
A tenant is permanently admitted to a residential and long-term care center or a residence for retired and pre-retired people.
The procedure to terminate a lease with a private residence

In either case, you must notify your landlord by letter, ideally recommended so that you have proof of receipt, at least three months in advance.

If you prefer to hand over the letter to the owner, make sure you get proof by writing the date of receipt on your copy and having your owner sign it.

Three months after receiving the notice, the landlord will have to end your lease. It is important that the notice complies with the requirements of the Régie, that is to say that it is accompanied by a certificate from the authority concerned (for example proof of certificate in a residence for the elderly. ).


Living in a residence in Outaouais in Quebec rather than in Ontario

As a consultant specializing in RPP – Private residences for seniors in Outaouais, Sylvie St-Amour supports families in Ontario who wish to move their parents across the Ottawa River, in Gatineau (Hull, Aylmer and the Petite-Nation), in Quebec, because it costs less. Rents for private residences are more affordable in Quebec than in Ontario for a place in residential care. And the Quebec government’s tax credit is better suited too.

Why is accommodation in a private residence in Quebec more affordable than in Ontario today?

The tax credit for home-support services for seniors in Ontario is available only when you file your tax return, once a year. In Quebec, it is automatically deposited into the bank account every month for the whole year.
Residences in Quebec are priced from $ 1,000 to $ 2,000 / month cheaper than in Ontario for a residence with equivalent services.
How to proceed ?

Register with the RAMQ
The only difficulty is that the person who is in need of accommodation in Quebec must first register with the RAMQ (Régie de l’assurance maladie du Québec) and then apply for the tax credit for maintenance. home.

Wait 3 months

There will be a delay of approximately 3 months before obtaining the money, which will be deposited directly into the bank account, and this, retroactively. Then the money will be deposited into the account every month. So this is an advantage for many families who are in constant need of accommodation for their parents and who are on a tight budget. Accommodation in a private residence is then possible.

Tax credit makes accommodation in private residences possible

For many families who may be thinking about waiting for a space to become available to the public, the tax credit makes it possible to stay in private for just a few dollars more.

The advantage in private residences

The other advantage of getting a place in the private sector is that the activities just don’t exist in the public, but in the private, yes.

Sylvie St-Amour, consultant in private residences in Outaouais, is a specialist in private residences in the cities of Gatineau, Hull, Aylmer and the Petite-Nation. These Outaouais residences near the border offer care and services equivalent to those of Ontario for a lower cost, making them a smart choice for families in need.